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Sweet Determination, a Real Life Home-Organizing Blog!

Updated: Apr 1

Grit & Honey inspiration delivery right to your in-box ... .

Eight fated weeks ago, I tore my ACL skiing. My sister-in-law penned it best when she sent me three emoji's "Old lady; Skiing; Hospital" this gave me a much-needed laugh.

I heard a pop at the moment of impact and my entire home-organizing business flashed before my eyes. Funny how I keep saying heard when really it was a feeling but it was like a noise, and the noise looked like a black scribble (similar to that mess that follows Pig-Pen around). Speaking of that mess that follow's Pig-Pen around ... I'm also a professional home organizer! Pig-Pen's mess is my dream. I love nothing more than to take a scribble and give it order!

Back on the mountain ... after that noisy pop, I tried to put my ski back on, when that didn't work, I tried to walk ... I thought I could power through, I could not (hangs head while admitting I came down on a sled driven by a retired dentist way older than me).

This moment inspired my mantra this past winter ... we can't always power through, sometimes we need help (lots of it). Help was not only mandatory, but inspiring! Help is Grit & Honey's specialty and we do it with sweet determination! Welcome to my home organizing blog and life musings. You can look forward to product recommendations, tips & tricks, discounts and give-aways!

Francie recovers from ACL, patiently waiting to start home organizing again.
Frances Greene, owner Grit & Honey, Home Organizing

Today's Tip & Product Recommendations

Binned up items take up less space than non-binned items.

  • I love these bins for a pantry, affordable and easy on the hands. I also appreciate that they are clear, eliminating the need for labels (which I love, but can add visual clutter).

  • All the drawers in your home will benefit from a bit of binning! I don't recommend binning up an entire drawer, but focusing on the key items. These are my favorite because of the shape and the rubber feet on the bottom.

  • If this feels overwhelming reach out and Grit & Honey will happily give you free phone advice!

Yay, we made it! First post done.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts, opinions and what content you'd like to see more of. One lucky commenter will receive a $20 gift card to Container Store so you too can invest in binning up your life.

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Congratulations girl! Sorry about your knee but love your lemonade!!! ❤️❤️❤️



I love your tips and I'm so sorry about your leg!



Love this - well all but you getting hurt! No suggestions yet - excited to sign up!



Huge fan of organizing -AND YOU - these little bins for drawers are sweet I have another brands but i love the idea of these closing the gaps AND not moving. Heal up well and keep sharing the goods!



I am so sorry to learn lf your injury! Love noir positive attitude and your blog! Look forward to more musings and tips! Get well soon!!

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