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We audit, edit and reorganize with an eye to whole house flow! Kitchens, closets, playrooms, mudrooms, entryway, bathrooms, garages
and basements, we will tackle
any space in your home. 

Preparing for a baby?
Whether is your 1st or 4th, we love to help parents set up the nursery and get organized!

We consult on renovation preparation, unpack post renovation, unpack into your new home!

We will style a bookshelf, recommend art and rugs, help with furniture placement, research furniture, and research the best storage solutions for your space.

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Purged and Donated feeling light organizing

Here at Grit & Honey, we strive to keep as much out of landfill as possible. We compost expired food, recycle ruined textiles, and have a long list of special donation options from shelters to food banks to community members in need and everything in-between.  

  • Why do I need a professional organizer, isn't this something I should be able to do myself?
    For some, organizing comes naturally, and it's a relaxing task they look forward. For the organizationally challenged, it's a chore, a pain-point, it's guilt-inducing and over-whelming. There is no shame in being messy (or even really messy), there is no shame in being too busy to put your house in order or not knowing where to begin, and there is definitely no shame in not enjoying the task. Life can be chaotic and overwhelming, and when your home feels out of control, you don't feel good in your home. Grit & Honey wants everyone to feel great in their home. Grit & Honey wants to help the organizational seekers elevate their everyday life. We want to make the big, and small, tweaks in your home that will transform a task as mundane as making coffee into something enjoyable! We will champion the disorganized by seeing your strengths and driving you toward a unique understanding of your environment. We are a judgment-free zone that literally thrives on your mess.
  • How do I begin? What's the process?
    You can submit your information through the "contact me" button. Once we receive your information, we will start an email conversation to find a time to chat about all your needs, at which time we'll evaluate whether we begin with a consultation, or jump right into a session. Sessions can be anywhere from 2-5 hours, depending on the project and your threshold. We can work independently (with input as needed) or together, physically decluttering and organizing spaces in your home. We advise, send product recommendations, shop for you as necessary, leave with limited donations, or set up a donation pick-up from your home. Solutions are tailor-made to suit your family. After our session Grit & Honey is available to you via phone, text or email for any follow-up questions or advice you might need.
  • Why are you called Grit & Honey?
    Grit & Honey isn't what we do, but how do it, which is with sweet determination!
  • What are your credentials?
    Having completed extensive training through National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), I have completed certification as a Residential Organizing Specialist. I've also been trained in ADHD/Executive Function as well as Reike Space Clearing from UDEMY. Beyond that, I have 7 years experience working in homes, references available!
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