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As a teenager, when I felt angry at the world, I would lock myself in my room, make it messy, so I could put it back together, organizing is how I relax. Keeping things organized is deeply rooted in my soul. And helping others find that feeling of peace in their homes is my calling!

After 20 years as a graphic designer, I manifested a lay-off and parlayed my severance into an organizing business and I've never looked back.

Mom to one, wife to another, keeper of the house, meal planner, business owner, runner, daughter, sister, friend, and believer in the good of this world, I know how hard it is to manage it all. I also know that one tiny tweak in the efficiency of my home can change my motivation and elevate my day, and I want to give that sense of ease to you! 

NAPO Specialist Certificate in Residential Organizing

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